Camping with a Private Chef



We provide GREAT food for you and your fellow campers for the duration of your camping retreat. Your food will be cooked and prepared by a selected private chef who will be camping with us for guaranteed delicious meals. All this will be included in your once-off price.


We generally prefer to go camping in and around areas where there is tons of activities to do. This makes the camping experience much more fun and interesting as you will enjoy more than just Food and camping, but a whole outdoor experience filled with activities and adventure.


Accommodation will be provided in our camping tent. We have different types and sizes to suit your needs. Campers will be provided a dome tent to share with their partner, friend or whoever they come camping with. We also provide an LED light and an inflatable bed for you to sleep on.

Camping RetrEats

About Camping RetrEats

Camping Retreats is a camping service made for people who want to enjoy a great camping experience without the chore of cooking, fetching water, setting up tents & fires, and booking for adventure activities. We provide you an easy "All you have to bring is yourself, and we will take care of the rest..." policy.

We pride ourselves in being the only camping service that takes you out camping with a private chef. If you want to try out camping, and have an interest in nature, or want to meet new people, or maybe you want to get outside of your comform zone, Camping RetrEats is for you!